November 11, 2007

The Past Few Days

Now that I have caught up with the photo challenge I can let you in on the gossip for the past few days.

Thomas turned 12 and got his mobile phone. Know I can ring him and tell him to come home, it's working well so far. But it has only been 4 days

The students going to Gallipoli went to remembrance day today. They had to wear their Gundy to Gallipoli Shirts. They looked very smart in them. We have our passports now the photos on them are terrible. We went and brought our suitcases. I'm sure once Christmas is over it want take long to come around. There are 31 students and 10 parents as well as three teachers. We have ordered our jackets and shirts (the same as the girls are wearing) and also a hooded jumper. I'm sure we will all look great dressed in the same clothes. If we get lost we should be able to find each other easily.
Have to go bye for now

Yep!!! I Have Done It Again

Sorry to bore you all with a photo catch up..........

Day 142, 143 & 144

Day 139, 140 & 141
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