April 28, 2008

Did you see 60 minutes

The students of Goondiwindi State High School should be so proud of themselves. The trip from Gundy To Gallipoli was amazing, and something I will remember forever.

Hong Kong is so clean and our short visit there was great we went to Disneyland, crossed islands on the ferry, and had a half day sight seeing. OMG it Micky & Minnie

Ypres was one of my favourite places. I loved Menin Gate they have a moving Last Post Ceremony every night. We met some really old people that go every night without fail. We were lucky enough to go twice. Abbey read a eulogy there. This is were we started the Western Front battlefields. I will post more Menin Gate photos later.

OH the Chocolate was to die for and the caramel fudge was delicious. They were waiting for us to arrive.

I lost count of how many cemeteries we visited, but their was still so many that we didn't see. One of the saddest things was seeing so many head stones with "Australian soldier of the great war" "Known unto God" written on them there was so many I can't imagine how sad it would of been for the families of these soldier that have no idea we they are buried or if there bodies were recovered.

Toronto Avenue was the most emotional of the trip. Each student studied a solider and read an eulogy, then laid a poppy and an Australian flag at each grave.By the end of our visit at Toronto Avenue there wasn't a dry eye to see. Abbey eulogy here was H.C Halliday
Signing the register at Toronto Avenue.

The head stones that we seen brought tears to so many eyes. They were truly beautiful to read.
"Another hero's part is done another soul gone west"
"His country called him and he answered"
"A place is vacant in our home which never can be filled"
"Those who new him most loved him best"
"The call was short the blow severe to part with one we loved so dear"
"Nothing in my hand I bring simply to the cross I cling"
"Responsive to his country's call, he gave his best, his life, his all"
This is only a few there were so many others.

That's it for today but I have so much more to share, so I will post again soon.

April 24, 2008

Only a Few Days Left

The gırls had a ball last nıght playıng soccer wıth the locals they attracted quıte a crowd. Abbey has a new mate he thought she was OK she even got a kıss goodbye.

Forgot to let you all know that we trıed SNAILS ın Parıs.
I even reach the top of the Eıffel Tower

The count down ıs on only a few days left before we are home ın our own beds wıth our own pıllows. Have already rang and put an order ın for a large juıcy steak wıth plenty of vegıes and gravy.

We are ın Çanakkale at the moment ıt ıs a beautiful place on the beach we catch a ferry over to Gallıpollı. We leave at 8pm for Gallıpollı I hope ıts not to cold tonıght.

Tomorrow we have a 7 hour bus trıp to the airport, then 12 hour flıght to Sıngapore, a 5 hour stop over then 9 hours to Brısbane then 4 hours home. We had our last sleep ın a bed last nıght (Wednesday nıght) tıll we get home Sunday.

April 23, 2008


Today we reached Gallıpollı what an amazıng place. Can't waıt tıll the 25th of Aprıl beıng there for the Dawn Servıce ıs goıng to be a wonderful experıence for us all. I am so lovıng Turkey the food ıs great the shoppıng ıs great and the people coulnd't be better. I'm not sure how we are goıng to get everythıng home.

We are goıng to Lone Pıne tomorrow to have a look around before Anzac Day. They are settıng up at Anzac Cove at the moment they have 5,000 seats and are expectıng 10,000 people.

The weather here ıs better then France we are wearıng t-shırts agaın but they tell us Thursday nıght at Anzac Cove wıll be very cold.

By the way Cathy ıf you read thıs I thınk I have put on about 5kılos the pastrıes are to dıe for and you eat bread wıth every meal.
It want let me upload the photos so ı wıll try agaın tomorrow
Bye mıss everyone so much

April 14, 2008


At the moment we are in Belguim, it was a very emotional day today we visited an Australian cemetary were 30 eulogies were read. We have visited alot of cemetaries the last 2 day. Peter Harvey from & a camera crew from 60 minutes have been with us the past few days. I think it is on tv on the 20th of this month if not it will be on the 27th. In the morning we are off to Amiens then to Paris over the next 5 days.

Hong Kong was great so very clean we had a ball at Disenyland.

The food so far has been great and the pasterys here are so yummy so is the chocolate.

Have to go everyone is waiting to use the only computer here and I feel bad that I'm using it.

I have taken so many photos will share them when I get home So until next time auvior

Love Tracey & Abbey

April 5, 2008


Not long to go still packing, well not packing really, trying to decide what I don't need in the suitcase. We leave for Brisbane Monday and fly out of Australia Tuesday. I will try and update the blog on the way around but we have a very busy schedule.

So I will talk to you all soon
By the way one 1 of the suitcases is Abbey's

Photos that I promised

A little late but better late then never

The kids loved the Pet Porpoise Pool They were kisses by a seal and a dolphin they also came up close while swimming

Fun at the beach