December 20, 2008

I HAVE BEEN SO BUSY...............

You have to love this time of the year. You can't get a park anywhere up the street, it takes an hour to go to the post office, you can't buy what you want (oops should have got it earlier) and work is so darn busy.

It's been a while since I last blogged, and so much has been going on. Kord's the Jewellers had a huge sale as they are closing down. So I brought myself a nice little clock that chimes and a few other presents that are wrapped under the Christmas tree.

Thomas Graduated from Primary School (how sad).He is very excited about going to High School. The awards night was great they put on a great show, the bands were playing and everyone was having fun.

Abbey turned 17 she had a great night. Trudee turned 20 on the same day, so they had a 37th birthday cake. We went out to tea with her friends it was a lovely night.

We gave her this bracelet not Pandora but still very nice.

Abbey has had such a big year this year with going to Gallipoli, the School Snow Trip and the Maroon Outdoor Education Centre fo her year 11 leadership camp. She can now get her "P" plates which she is very excited about but hasn't quite got her 100 hours up. She will send her book away in January and hopefully have them by the end of that month.Year 12 next year starting to feel old.

We had our second Christmas party for work last night, the first one was for the carers, committee and staff and last night was for the staff only. We had it at Barb's house. Sophie looked lovely and very excited about Christmas

The girls put on a performance singing Christmas carols

We had a few drinks, then a few more we brought on of the Margaritta buckets from Target. Just add Tequella and freeze. It was very nice.

Chrissy and I enjoyed a few.

And look at what Santa gave me at the party

How spoiled am I Thanks you Aunty Barb. This is now my Pandora Jewellery box.

I told Michael that it was his turn this year to buy the presents. I tell him this every year and he never listens, but this year was different for some reason. Michael and Thomas arrived home with this.
And then Keely asked dad to fix the quad so she could ride as well so we loaded the quad on the ute to take it to get fixed. We ended up with this
and helmets gloves body armer and 2 very smily faces. The only problem now is that under the tree is also full of presents. I told Michael that I was going to get my money back on them, he said we were going to have a big Christmas this year and leave them where they are.
I worry when Michael spends money. He doesn't do it very often. Maybe because I spend enough for both of us.
We have had the van out all week packing a little each day. Today at lunch Michael Thomas and Keely left for Coffs. They will spend tonight with his Mum And Dad then head off early in the morning with Gav and Bec. The good thing is that when Abbey and I get there on Tuesday everything will be set up and I will just have to go shopping for Christmas Lunch. Turkey and fresh seafood can't wait.
We finished at Kindy last week it was a very sad day saying goodbye to all of the children. Thats the worst part about teaching kindy. I miss them all already. We got some lovely present, lots of chocolate and some lovely cards with realy lovely notes.