October 26, 2008

A big week....................

Another busy week in the house this week. Thomas decided to help me cook tea, he thought it would be a good idea to turn the steak after he had turned the steak , one piece anyway it was a quick trip to the local hospital he had about 9 blisters on one side of his tummy after cleaning them and dressing them he looked like a mummy all bandaged up. So the next 2 days were back to the hospital for new dressings then I was aloud to dress them. He decided not to tell me when it first happened if he had of told me it might not have been so bad.

All the soccer stuff is at the auditors looking in better shape then last year hope the accountant thinks so.

Abbey had her last formal for the year she looked lovely. Year 12 next year this year has gone so fast.

Keely had her party this weekend for her birthday there were 8 girls who slept over. They played some games and had lots of fun most of them were good but there was a couple that...................................not as easy as Abbeys parties. So today after hardly any sleep the party is the last thing I want to talk about.

Thomas played in the State School band and the St Marys school band at the Battle Of The Band at the High School on Friday. Not sure which band won the were about 9 of them. It was funny seeing Thomas playing in the St Marys band everyone asked why he was playing with them Keely told them he had swapped schools.

My scrap booking area is now finished and I plan to scrapbook all next weekend (Fingers crossed)

Anyway I off to bed for a good nights sleep I have a photo of Thomas all bandaged up will put it on next time BYE...............

October 16, 2008


I'm Finally back up and running, a new computer with a password that only I know and another computer for the kids to use. Now I will bore you all with a catch up.

These are the presents that I got for my birthday, lots of goodies. lots of Pandora my favorite thing this year & last year. I was also given a voucher from the jewellers for $150.00 which I brought a new Pandora bracelet and a charm

Keely turned 11 and got lots of presents and money, she is wanting to buy a Karaoke Machine. She also got a beautiful Goose egg jewellery box that aunty Barb made, Abbey and I are very jealous. Keely is having a sleepover with her friends on the 25th they are camping outside, I will have to warn the neighbours

Claudia gave Keely a 1/2 Of a heart with friends forever on it. So Cute.

We also have another new addition in the driveway, I will share a picture of that later.

The school holidays were very quiet Abbey spent the first week at the snow with the school and Thomas spent the second week in Rocky he loved it up their and can't wait to go back. Keely didn't do to much.

My new scrap booking area is just about finished hopefully John will be over on the weekend to fix the tables to the wall.

We are going on a road trip to Charleville tomorrow for the weekend. The office staff and a few carers are coming we are leaving here at 9.45am, on a bus from Brissy, we will be picking up other people on the way. Not sure what time we get there but it is a long way. We have a full weekend of training with a little fun on Saturday night. Can't wait, should be a great night with lots of laughs with what we will be wearing. I will have lots of photos to share when we get back.

Have to go and iron some clothes, pack my bag and get some sleep.

We post again when we get back...Bye

Before I go, check out Jodie's blog it looks fantastic