July 31, 2007

While The Cats Away......................

I was the only one at work today Melissa was sick and Barb and Amy were out at Yelarbon with the mobile. So I thought I would go up stairs and see what I could find in the Boxes. And with this being our last day of dressing up this is what I found.......

Not sure where this mask came from. Can't imagine any child wearing it!
My Day 41 photo is Christmas in July.
I think Christmas in December is more then enough!

Day 40 Just one of those days
Talk Soon

July 29, 2007

A little Behind...

Day 37 I used the mirror at
work to take this photo.
I worked at Callandoon Studios all day Friday and Saturday Morning. Friday night we had Friday night drinks with the Spink/Knight family at there house with Subway for tea. Saturday I was up early to report to soccer, then I went to work and then report back to soccer. We had Official Referee's from Dalby down watching us all day. Then Michael Keely and myself went out for tea (should have stayed at home had a terrible meal) Then we went and watched some of the senior soccer at Riddles Oval. Sunday we had Friends over for breakfast and know I should be doing the house work.

Day 38
Pip's theme for the month of July was dress-up and with only a few days left I thought I would dress-up. So here is my Mummy impersonation we did this with the playgroup kids years ago and it was so much fun

Day 39 Having a Pow-wow in the back yard.

Have to go and peg out the washing

Talk Soon.

July 26, 2007

Big Brown Eyes

Mum always told me I had Beautiful Big Brown Eyes so I thought I would share a photo of them with you. Day 35 Don't you love Photoshop. This is what I learnt yesterday using it. Looks like I"m having a bad hair day too.

Here is my day 36 photo.
A short post today I have to go, Abbey has just got home from the School Social. The theme is "garbage" so they dressed in garbage bags!!! Hopefully I will be able to post a photo of them tomorrow.

Bye for now


July 24, 2007

What A Beautiful Day

After all the cold weather we have had it makes you wonder where today's lovely weather has come from. It has been quite warm all day and we haven"t even had the heater on tonight.

Day 34 This photo is courtesy of Melissa she loves it when I take my camera to work she snaps away any chance she gets. She thought my photo for today should be my place of work. So this is my office and my computer that Melissa likes to spend a lot of time in and on. If I walk away from my computer Melissa is straight on it. My desk usually isn't this clean, there is usually paperwork, pens and (my favourite) sticky notes everywhere but Melissa cleaned it before taking the photo.

Have to go talk soon.

July 23, 2007

Me At!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 33 Wow how time flies. Todays photo is of me at mmmm..... Can't remember quite how old I am in the framed picture our in the one I took today.

I am having a lovely time at home tonight. Michael is home (unusual for this time of day) so tonight he gets to do the dance thing with the girls and the basket ball thing with Thomas, and I get to stay at home and get tea ready at a descent hour. I also get to enjoy a bit of quiet time.

Better go they will be home soon and I've spent all my time on the computer not getting tea ready.

Talk soon

July 22, 2007

Nanny Napping..............

Keely caught me nanny napping today so my Day 32 photo is courtesy of her. I had a rather lazy day a little house work, a DVD "The Holiday" and a little scraping and of course a nap.

I want to be a cowgirl...............

Not really but here is my Day 31 photo.

Also I thought I would share a photo of India with you. India comes to the soccer she also lives over the road from home and is Noah's big sister. Anyway I owed her a birthday present and brought her a princess bag on wheels. In it there was a wallet a backpack and a camera. I had my camera a soccer on Saturday and I gave India her present there. So all day she followed me around pulling her bag and taking photos when I did.

Talk Soon x

July 20, 2007

A Few Days Behind!!!!!

Hope you enjoy your present and it's blue like you wanted. I can't believe you finally have a phone (Well done Leahy family in you choice of a present for your daughter) Amy has been waiting so long to get a phone like the rest of her friends. I beat she was jumping up and down when she opened it this morning.

Thanks for a wonderful dinner and the yummy Chocolate cake.
The girls are growing up.
Amy, Jess, Nik and Abbey looking lovely.

What a busy few days I have had Working at Family Day Care & Callandoon Studios and having meetings with parents that think it's OK to abuse us soccer officials and referees in front of hundreds of people. Hopefully everyone is happy once again. (fingers crossed)

Day 28 just looking!! Thought I'd check out who was watching.

The kids had there sports carnival today Thomas brought home 3 ribbons. Keely would have been a wonderful spectator cheering on the Watson team more so then participating in the athletic side of things. I sadly miss it all.

Day 29 Working at Callandoon Studios. I took some photos of Keely as she came down after school will share them tomorrow.

A big day at soccer tomorrow letting the Team Managers, Parents and children now what is acceptable behavior and whats not. So I dare say it will be a very long day. I just wish parents would understand that we are there for the children to play soccer and have fun.

Day 30 thank god it's Friday. Can't wait to Sunday for a little me time.

Talk Soon xox

July 17, 2007

Real Quick

Today has been one of those days the phone was ringing all morning at home and for some reason we couldn't answer the calls, the number was not showing either so I couldn't ring them back on the mobile, everyone was sick at work today that left just me in the office. The phone never stopped ringing and people were in and out all day. Then after work and school we had tennis lessons then it was pick up time for Abbey. Went home, got tea then off to a soccer meeting which didn't finish to after 10.30am. Then I had to check out every ones photos who are taking the 365 day challenge (From Pip's Blog).
So here is my Day 27 photo check out the bags under the eyes. I think I need to go and get some sleep. I'm sure no one else checks blogs at 11.15pm at night maybe I have a problem!!!! maybe I'm addicted to blogs!!!
Talk Soon

July 16, 2007


It's census time!!!Yeah well actually it was census time a few weeks ago and as usual I'm a little late with it. Soccer I love it! but there is so much paper work to do.
Day 26 courtesy of Abbey. Counting forms, some one has to it.
I found this quote while looking at some scrap sites thought I would share it with you...........

"A Woman is like a teabag....you don't know how strong she is until you put her in hot water!"
Have to go and finish the census.
Bye for now

July 15, 2007

Lazy Day

After a big night last night with the Turner Family and the Spinks Family My day today was very uneventful. It was 2.00am when Becky and I sat down for a hot chocolate and a chat before going to bed. India slept over started in Keely's room then spent the rest of the night in bed with us. We were up at 7.15am not used to having a little one in bed with us it's been a while since our kids were in our bed. (there to old now) Noah had a great time and thought he was very clever sitting on the step ladder most of the night.

It was so cold on Saturday at the soccer, but the children enjoyed being back on the field after 3 weeks off. Becky and Gavin arrived not long after we got home. Cooked tea early and had it all ready for when it was time to eat. Tanya and John arrived about 6.30pm. We all had a great night catching up with each other and sharing a few bottles of red.

My day 24 photo is for my mum who I love very much. Here is the photo of our new wood heater that you asked for. Got a little burnt at soccer, I took the sun screen but never put it on my face.

Day 25 not feeling fantastic a little tired and a tiny little headache it must have been something I ate! mmmmmmm. Here are my two favourite girls with me looking a little tired as well.


July 13, 2007

Day 23 of the Challenge

Had a very easy day today, went to work at Callandoon Studios for a while, went shopping, went and seen Sarah, Violet and Bradly for a while, then went home until it was time for piano lessons and pick-up time for Abbey at Target. Abbey went to the movies for the 2nd time to see Harry Potter. She is always busy doing something

Day 23 Photo

I have a busy day tomorrow, back to soccer after the holiday break, then some house work. Nothing to exciting until the visitor arrive.
Bye for now


July 12, 2007

The Wood Header Is Working

Yeah, we finally have the wood heater going, and the house is really warm. The challenge for me will be to keep it burning ( not real good with fires) all night.

Went to our first fundraising meeting at the school for the Goondiwindi to Gallipoli tour next year, many good suggestions and lots of hard work. Abbey is very excited about going. 20 days overseas. Hong Kong, France, Belgium and Turkey. I wish I was still at school (mmmm... no I don't)

Here is my photo for day 22

The kids are glad to be back at school and excited that soccer is starting again on Saturday. Bec & Gavin are coming over for the weekend. Not sure what we will get up to yet. But I'm sure we will have some fun.

Talk Soon

July 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Michael

Today is Michael's Birthday so before I left for work the kids gave him his present to open (a TV & DVD player for the truck) he was very impressed. For tea it was his choice, so I cooked Surf and Turf for tea his favourite then we had cake.

It was very hard to get out of bed this morning, but I was only 10 minutes late. Amy had backed the van out and was sitting in the passenger side with it running waiting patiently for me to arrive. The kids were glad to see us and we had a great day. My photo for day 21 is a few photos that the kids took of me today. We have a great CD called "Whats In The Box Favourite" (from the TV show) It's the best CD to dance to we all love it. Anyway they took the photos for today. So here I am dancing with them and then they dressed me up.
( They Take A Great Photo!!!)

Bye Tracey

July 10, 2007

On Time..........

It's always hard the first day back a school after holidays. I got up, went and woke the kids up, had a shower, packed lunches, dropped them at the bus stop, and got to work on time.Yeah But tomorrow will be the BIG TEST!!!! Teaching Kindy at Moonie. Up at 5.45am (don't think I could get up any earlier it's to cold),pack lunches including mine and be at work at 6.45am for the 70 minute drive to Moonie with Amy. When we get there we have to unpack the van and set up for the day. Then the fun starts, listening to 18 little people all talking at the same time about what they did over the holidays and pushing each other out of the road to give you a hug. Wednesday would have to be my favourite day at work. I love the children at Moonie.

This is my day 20 photo only 345 photos to go! I always take my photo late in the afternoon. Maybe I need to take some in the morning.

Cheers Tracey

July 9, 2007

Back To Work.......

Started the day with a big hot chocolate as my office is very cold and my heating isn't working. It was such a cold day. Caught up on all gossip then checked my e-mails for the week. I was excited to see that Nicole has started a blog and hopes to update it every day. The kids are back at school tomorrow so it's time to get everything ready for them to go.
Day 19
Laying on the trampoline in the freezing cold.

Cheers Tracey

July 8, 2007

I Do Go Outside

I realised today that all my photos have been taken inside so this week I will try to take most of my photos outside. It's trying so hard to rain today and it is cold and windy outside. The kids are all relaxing around the TV and heater having a couple of quiet days before going back to school on Tuesday.

I go back to work tomorrow and my list of things to do while on holidays is still as long as it was at the start of them. But I did manage a little scrap booking and that was on the list.

As you can see by my day 18 photo it probably wasn't a great day to be taking outside photos.

July 7, 2007


I worked at Callandoon Studios today. Thomas went in the truck, Keely was at a party and as usual Abbey was working. I met Abbey for lunch and we went and had a cuppa with Nicks mum Gillian after that I picked up Barb and we went shopping for a while. Then we went and visited Irene. Tonight only Keely and I are at home so it is very quite.

Keely found this mask in Inverell and thought it would be good for the challenge of Dress-up. I think I look rather silly but Keely loves it.

Well my plans for tonight are
Glass of red
A nice hot bath
Early to bed

See ya

July 6, 2007

Never Again!!!!

Today I spent 3 hours at the hair dressers trying to strip the brown hair dye that turned black out of my hair. Never again will I try to do it by myself. It was only left in for ten minutes and went very, very black (not happy). The stripper smelt like rotten eggs and was on my hair for quite a while. It didn't strip much of the colour out and it is now probably the colour it was meant to be when I dyed it. Anyway I took this photo while I was waiting for the foils to do whatever they do.
Got home today and was very excited at the thought of lighting my new wood heater even rang mum in Colac (Victoria) to share the news,only to find that we can not light it until Thursday, as a part was missing. So I now have huge wood fire in the living area that we are unable to use and I had to buy another bottle of gas to get us through till then.
Hope you all have a great weekend
Bye for now

July 5, 2007

Shop Till U Drop

Keely, Thomas and myself went over to Warialda today to spend
some time with Becky. So Keely Becky and I went to Inverell shopping for the day. Thomas and Gav went to the farm. As usual the kids came out on top, new shoes, clothes and bags. I brought a few treats for myself as well. The weather was very windy and a cool breeze was blowing, but we soildered on as all good shoppers do.

Have to go I offered to cook tea.
Bye for now.

July 4, 2007

Go Quensland!!!!!!!!

Tonight is the last Origin for 2007 and the question on everyones mind is "Can they make it 3 in a row?" I asked my family and

you can see what the answer is........

So here is my Day 14 Photo
GO QLD, GO QLD, GO, GO, GO, GO QLD !!!!!!!!!!

My day 13 photo is a bit of fun. The girls and I went for a walk down town yesterday and found this wig in the toy shop that is closing down. The eyes and noise came from a party bag. Keely took the photo and is very proud of the out come.
Have to go they are running out to start the game.
Bye for now

July 2, 2007

Day 1 Of My Holidays

Today is day 1 of my week of holidays don't plain on going anywhere just spending some time with the kids. I had slept in this morning only to 8.30am but it beats getting up at 6.30am on a cold morning. the man came around to give me a quote to put a wood heater in hopefully it will be in by the end of the week.
This is my Day 12 photo a bit scary
but that's what I looked like after
my sleep in.

The house is a bit cool as we have hole in the ceiling from taking the wall out. So my day 11 photo is me enjoying a nice hot chocolate my
favourite hot drink no marshmallows I'm not a fan of them.