December 10, 2009


Last night Keely Graduated from Primary School and today was her last day at School. So High School is looking good and she is very excited about going there. She has a big few days coming up. Tonight the girls are all having a sleep over then tomorrow they go out to lunch, then Saturday is the Grad party at the pool. (I think the kids these days have a better social life then I have ever had well my kids do anyway).
The girls had there 18th last weekend we all had a great time they got lots of lovely presents (I will share pictures later) but I really wanted to show you this photo.
How excited do they look. OMG it's Ironing Boards!!! What do you do with them....It is going to be interesting. Lindsay thought surfing Abbey thought they would make a nice coffee table. I can see they will never get used as anything. But they all had a great laugh and the boys that gave them to the girls thought it was the best present ever.
Now getting back to the question above.
Don't they say "your only as old as you feel?"
If that's true I'm not as old as I thought.
By the way Amy has been accepted into the Air Force in January
Goodnight to you all

November 30, 2009

Forgot to Share This...................

Pink Ladies Day is a fantastic day held at Weengallon. The mobile kindy mums run this every year. All money raised goes to cancer research and a Little of the money goes to the Mobile Kindy Weengallon Service for all their hard work in preparing a wonderful day.This year was no exception, we had a fantastic day. We all got dressed in our pink and or pokadots.I thought we all looked great. We had a lovely meal and drank plenty of pink champagne. We did a little shopping and had loads of fun.

Here we are all looking lovely

And once again we took out the best shoes for the day. I love EBay and these shoes. Let me tell you they were very high and very hard to walk in. It was all worthwhile I received a voucher for shoes which I enjoyed spending.

Gotta loves shoes I went to Toowoomba a while ago to buy something for the grad. I was very disappointment that I couldn't find what I wanted but the 6 pairs of shoes that I brought made up for the disappointment.

Can't wait for Pink Ladies day next year. I will start looking for my shoes now.


November 23, 2009

From This.......Toooooooooooo

First there was Kindy were they all first met

Their First day of High School

Now Graduation

Were to next

Abbey is hoping to get a gap year job and then off to uni for a Bachelor of Art & A Bachelor of Education. Amy is hoping to do a gap year in the Air Force, she has had several interviews.

After hours at the hair dressers getting hairdo's and makeup, everyone looked gorgeous. It was so hot that the girls makeup was running and there hairdo's were just flopping, but that didn't stop them from having the time of their lives.

Grad was great they was lots of singing, dancing, tears, laughter and a little bit of partying. About 30 kids came back home at 12.30am to our place we all had a great night and didn't get to bed until 6.00am this morning.

All of the kids wrote letters to their parents and gave them to us to read. They were all beautiful and that started the tears for the adults.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Wow I have finally graduated!!
There is not enough time in the world to say thank you for all you have done for me! For the past 17 years you have both been there for me, supporting me through think and thin, and I would not be the person I am without you. I look back at what you have done for me and I am so grateful, even if I don't tell you enough. Your love and care over the last 2 years especially will not be forgotten. As I look forward into my future I can't help but think you are both the reason I can do what I want.

Love you forever and a day xx

Just wait my eyes have gone a little blurry again, we are both are so very proud of what you have achieved. We love you so much and always will xx
We also had 30 young Graduates come out home at 12.30am for an after party and I am very pleased to say what a great bunch of kids you all are. But I would have liked a little more sleep then what I got. I usually like to be in bed before 6.00am.


November 16, 2009


What a busy week we have in front of us Abbey is Graduating, waiting to hear the out come of a job interview (cap year job) and only one exam to go. It's so hard to beleive that my baby girl is graduating.

Abbey has grown so much from a beautiful baby to a wonderful young lady. I love these photos of her. She hates the first one. I even made her outfit in the first photo.

Enjoy your grad week and enjoy the next chapter of your life. Love you so much

November 6, 2009

Over The Top


1. You can only use ONE word!!!
2. Pass this along to 5 of your favorite bloggers!
3. Alert them that you have given them this award!
4. HAVE FUN!!!


1. Where is your cell phone? Somewhere
2. Your hair? Looking Good
3. Your mother? My best friend
4. Your father? ?????????
5. Your fave food? Salmon
6. Your dream last night? mmmmmmm Nothing
7. Your fave drink? White wine and tonic
8. Your dream/goal? So many at the moment
9. What room are you in? Office
10. Your hobby? MY Children Hobbies are a thing of the past scrapbooking
11. Your fear? Death
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? The children will be finished school by then so i want to go travelling around Australia
13. Where you were last night? At home with friends
14. Something that you aren't? As confident as I would like to be
15. Muffins? NO
16. Wish List Item? To Many Health and happiness
17. Where did you grow up? Colac
18. Last thing you did? Put the barracuda in the pool to clean it
19. What are you wearing? Nightie
20. Your TV? Big and black
Your Pets? Cats
22. Friends? Love them all
23. Your Life? Far to busy
24. Your Mood? OK
25. Missing Someone? Nicole
26. Vehicle? Black
27. Something your not wearing? Bra
28. Your fave store? House
29. Your fave colour? Black
30. Last time you laughed? Yesterday
31. Last time you cried? This morning
32. Your best friend? Nicole & Barb
33. One place that I go to over and over? Work
34. One person who emails regularly? Chrissy
35. Fave place to eat? Home cooked meals (That's sad)

Thanks Lisa
Bye for now

October 12, 2009

Keely Turns 12 & Some LO's

Today Keely turned 12 she got a Pandora bracelet & some charms. She end up with an Elf, a K, Girl and 2 Pandora presents. She was very excited and can't wait to Christmas to get some more. We went out for Chinese with her Friends and had a great meal and a great time.

As promised some LO's One not completely finished

We got tickets to Taylor Swift today. I have been promising to take the kids to a concert for ages. So we off in Febuary 2010. Can't wait love her songs.
Have to go
Bye for now

September 30, 2009

Stay Tuned

I’ve been scrap booking

Yep that’s right I’ve been scrap booking

I can’t believe it either

September 27, 2009

Suzie Rocked, Finally My Car is Back, Happy Birthday To Me & Another Dust Storm

Suzie was fantastic. We had drinks in our room then went to the Bourke & Wills for tea & more drinks before heading to see Suzie. It was great she came out in jeans and a top then went and changed into her leathers. She looked great and sang all the great song and some. Definitely would go and see her again if I had the chance.

After 7 weeks I fianlly have my car back. I'm so sick of driving Abbey's car it is so nice to be able to drive mine again I missed it so much.

Another birthday goes by. Lots of new Pandora and a watch. Will share the Pandora and watch next post. We went for lunch and cake it was lovely.

Spent most of Friday cleaning my house from the last dust storm. I mopped twice, rewashed everything, wiped all of the shelves and frames ect............... then another dust storm came through it wasn't so red this time. Everything needs cleaning again though. The car also needs a bath.

Evermore played at the B & S last night they were great you could hear them
from home. The police were on every corner this morning Breath teasting everyone. We got pulled up in Michaels ute the rego sticker was an old one but the nice policeman let me off after explaining that there is 153 good reasons to put the new sticker on. It is on now and I can think of 153 thing I could buy with 153 dollars instead of paying a fine.
It's time for bed Goodnight All..................

September 19, 2009

We Are Off To Toowoomba Tomorrow

Devil Gate Drive,
48 Crash,
Can the Can,
If You Can't Give Me Love,
The Wild One,
Stumblin In

The list goes on.

Yes tomorrow at 12pm we leave for a girls night out with Suzie Q.
I can't wait Good Company, A Few Drinks (then maybe a few more), Dinner Out and then Partying With The Great Suzie Q

Still haven't got my car back yet hopefully soon I am so sick of driving the red car. Thomas has his football presentation night tonight. Michael is finally working after having 7 weeks off. He still isn't 100% but hopefully being back at work will help.

Haven't had a chance to use any of my packs. The girls scrapbooked last weekend and made these little books they turned out well. Will put pictures of them up later.

Have to go bye

September 11, 2009

I just found the card with the Tassie photos on it so now a photo share

Tassie was so much fun. I haven't many work photos but plenty of the fun photos

Port Arthur was great we did the ghost tour one night then went back during the day for the day tours I have been there before but just love looking around and listening to the old convict & ghost stories.

This photo is at the conference with the Tassie Tiger.

Rickielee's favourite "the snow" I know it's a sad excuse for our Mr & Mrs snow man but we had fun making it and then squashing it.

The Fairy penguins were so cute but it was so cold down on the beach waiting for them to come up.

Then there were 3 of these little fellows who opened the door and let us into their world. They were so cute and just followed us around the room

Here is what was in my parcels from Scrap with V Looks like I'm going to be busy this weekend.

Just love these 2 photos one of Keely and the other of Noah

Barb has a new family member Afaf, named Afaf because when she barks that what it sounds like.

Better go and get dinner

September 9, 2009

Today was playgroup in the town park. We get to dress up and do craft with the kids. Most of them were scared of us until they were told who we were or they worked it out themselves.

Tanya & John got married on the weekend. It was a great night, the kids looked gorgeous

Abbey did a reading

Tanya Finally has a piece of paper just like Michael (that's another story)

No Longer the Spink Knight Family Just the Spink Family now

The happy couple

Not much else happening a rather large parcel arrived form Scrap With V can't wait to get into it lots of layouts to do.

Have to go bye for now