March 26, 2009

Some cooking

Vicki still isn't aloud to go into the house. They are now waiting for the insurance people to come and look at it. The forensic team said that the roof isn't very stable and are not wanting anyone in there. There might be a bit of stuff they can salvage form the newer part of the house and Vic was lucky to have been able to get a fair few of her photos out. They were wet but have dried ok. She has set up a couple of caravans as home for now guarding what is left until they can get in. Thank god they weren't home when the fire started.

This recipe was on Ready Steady Cook yesterday Of course I substituted for what I had at home. They used fancy mushrooms (got no chance of that in this town) they also used different cheese then I. You can find the recipe here if you are interested. It is very yummy, I have even put step by step photos as well.

Nanny and Poppy are packing the car and heading home tommorow they have been here spoiling us all for nearly 6 weeks. We will miss them when they go. Ashlyn and Tianna will be so glad to see them, they have missed them so much. Everytime we talk to them they want to know "Why they are still here when Aunty Tracey is at home".

Have to go Talk soon

March 24, 2009

What a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Received a phone call this morning asking were Vicki and the kids were. I said that I have no idea were they are I haven't seen them since Thursday. I ask what was going on and they told me there house was on fire. It took awhile to find them, no one was home, they were all away for the night. The whole house inside is ruined. They think it was started by a water purifier


The side under the awning

Haven't been doing much this week still not allowed to go back to work. Another two weeks and hopefully the doctors will tell me I can go back. The kitchen and hallway cupboards are so neat and tidy (hopefully they will stay like that). I can't believe that I keep so much grap in my cupboards. There not so full now.

Have to go and grab the tissues Find MY Family is on

Bye for now.

March 14, 2009

Thomas had a win

Thomas has been wanting to play rugby league for the past 3 years and this year we signed him up to play (sick of the nagging). Today he played his first 2 games and was lucky enough to have won both. The only thing wrong with league is the travelling you do so much and have to go so far. So we have decided on a trail to see how we go.

Made dessert tonight something very quick.

Mock Berry Cheesecake Recipe

If you would like the recipe you can find it here


March 12, 2009


Haven't done anything to exciting today I got out my photos and one of Pips pizza boxes had a look and then another look then packed it all away. I hate being under house arrest, I need to be working and chasing after my children not sitting at home wondering what to do. Anyway that is enough wingeing for one day.

I did make tea tonight we had "Zia Josie linguine with tuna and bocconcini"

The recipe can be found here it was very yummy.

Have to go the footy show is on tonight.


March 11, 2009

A little bit tired............

Didn't do much today feeling a little sore from my Toowoomba trip yesterday. I went to Toowoomba for my annual Mammogram and Ultrasound. Passed with flying colours. Went to St Andrews as St Vincents Breast Clinic is no longer opened. It all took over 2 1/2 hours, at St Vincents it only took about an hour. I didn't do much shopping but mum and poppy had a ball in Grand Central.

WOW was my only shopping stop, I brought Abbey her very own laptop the keyboard on it is great it is the same as the desktop keyboards. It has the numbers down the side as well. And me a new phone (which is very purple). I lost the back of my old phone then eventually I lost the battery out of it.

Bye for now I am off to bed. Going to try some of the new recipes tommorow, so I will take photos for you to see.

March 9, 2009

It's Been A While..................

It’s been three weeks since my hospital stay. I spent 5 days in hospital at St Vincent’s it was a lovely stay. Then nearly the first week home in bed. The food was fantastic and the nurses were wonderful. TV was my new best friend not a hell of a lot of interesting shows on, Abbey also kept me in DVD’s. I haven’t been able to do much since I have been home (mum wont let me). My scrap booking MOJO isn’t anywhere to be found. I have gotten everything out then packed it away again. I have gone through my old scrap booking mags and cut out bits of interest and stuck them in a book.

My other great past time is cooking shows. Do you know how many cooking shows are on TV? It’s unreal. So I now have a recipe book which I hope to cook all of the TV recipes that have caught my eye and I will share them as I go.

And of course I have caught up on everyone’s blogs. Thanks Jackie for the Lovely Blog Award.

Nanny & Poppy have had a great time attending all the official school functions. I was still in hospital when these were happening.

Keely had her leadership night & the launch of the Canberra trip. Wearing her badge with pride.

Abbey had her Leadership night & Lions Youth Of The Year

And Thomas his absolutely loving High School does his homework with out asking most of the time. And seems to be doing very well. He had a lovely not home from his science teacher saying how great he is doing. A huge turn around he hated primary school.

Brenda set a challenge to go into the sixth folder in your pictures and select the sixth photo and post it on your blog telling a little bit about the picture. This photo was taken at Green Valley near Inverell They are so young in this photo. They have grown up so much.

And me looking very bored.

By for now.