September 29, 2008

ONCE AGAIN....................

I"m am without my computer. This stupid virus just keeps coming back now my screen keeps blacking out on me and all the white parts are a pretty pink. Hopefully tonight I will be back up and running. I have had a busy week, my new scrap booking area is nearly finished. The cupboard is looking good. I had a birthday turning 40 something lots of photos to share. Keely and I started a vegie garden, planting strawberry's, spinage, cherry tomatoes and capsicums.

Have to go I'm at work, plenty to do


September 21, 2008

What a Day..................

Yesterday we went to Warialda to get our hair done Keely stayed at home with Michael Thomas stayed with aunty Vicki. Abbey and I had a lovely day at Warialda. We were on our way out to see Becky when we got a phone call to tell us that Thomas was at the hospital getting his knee stitched. So we turned around and came home without visiting Bec.

We picked Thomas up and he was very excited that Charlie had caught it all on his phone, and that he was the only one brave enough to ride the bike over the jump and into the dam. He was all laughs until about 7.30pm when he realised he was in so much pain and screaming for something to make it go away.

Tano rang up this morning for us to come over for breaky, John was cooking a camping breakfast for the kids. We had a yummy breaky of damper, bacon,sausages,eggs and tomatoes. It was very yummy and we washed it down with some champagne.

Now I back at home doing the house hold shores and getting ready for a BBQ tea at home with the neighbours no wonder I never have any time to scrapbook.

It is so hot the kids are swimming and we have the air conditioner on wont be long and we will have the boat out and be going camping.

Talk Soon

September 19, 2008

My New Scrapbooking Cupboard

This is going too be my new scrap booking cupboard, at the moment it is spread from one end of the room to the other. I have put shelves in both sides and filled in the holes and started to sand it back ready for painting.

I can't wait to get it finished and everything packed away.

Abbey is off to the snow tomorrow night with the school, so tomorrow we are of to Warialda to have or hair done. She will have to pack tonight or it will be rush rush when we get back. Keely has started her singing lessons and is sounding great, Thomas is playing tennis today with the school. I'm really missing not having a camera.
Have to go Bye

September 17, 2008


I have finally got a computer at home that works, so now a catch up and then a Blog read.........

Firstly today was PINK LADIES DAY at Weengallon it was a wonderful day, we shopped, had a few champagnes and a wonderful lunch.

Every year they ask three people to create a painting this year they asked Barb and this is what we came up with Looks pretty cool i think. A ST George business purchased it in the auction for $200.00. Will show you more photos later.

Jackie sent on to me the "Tree of Happiness" ....I have to list 6 things that make me happy and then pass the tree onto 6 other blogs that I read and therefore make me happy.

1.Doing things with my family.

2. Spending time with my Friends.

3. Shopping for shoes and jewellery.
4.Life in general.
5.Having a little me time to do the things I enjoy.
6.Talking to my nieces on the phone. I miss them so much.
I would like to send the "Tree of Happiness"to anyone who hasn't already received it we all deserve a little happiness in our busy life's. Sorry a lot of Happiness.
I have been busy finalising all of the soccer paper work and checking the inventory. Looks like we may be changing codes next year. I might become a mother who just sits on the side lines. Something different.
What else has happened!!!!!!!!!not much just the usual lessons and meetings. The Relay For Life launch is just around the corner, Abbey will be speaking at the schools to try and encourage more school teams to join in. She will also be speaking about the rely at the launch.
It's getting late and I have to go, I have caught up on my blog reading, congratulations Pip on the arrival of Frederick, I'm hearing you Brenda with the whole DOCTOR thing, it's so hard to see a doctor here as well.
Any way goodnight to you all

September 10, 2008

No Computer, No Camera

My computer has a TROJAN virus through it that just wants to hang around, I get it fixed then it comes back again. My camera has not come back yet from being fixed. Even though I have the little one I miss having mine.

Went to visit my Doctors for my 5 year check up, didn't go as well as I thought it would. But that's ok after a few tears, quite alot of tears I'm now ready for whatever they throw at me next. Whats a few more doctors visits a few more hospital stays away.

I'm at work have to go can't wait to lunch so I can catch up on all of my favorite blogs. Haven't read them for a few days I think I'm going into blog withdrawals.

September 5, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Thanks Brenda!!!
Brenda tagged my blog and left the comment that I have a very busy life, and yes I do my children and their Friends keep me very busy,so does my husband.
This weekend we are going to Warwick to watch Thomas's friends play league. On Sunday Tano and I have to be ready by 1/2 past 4 (in the morning) to go to Moree Markets with Bobby. Bobby delivers the QLD papers and after a few drinks Tano announced that we would love to go with her. Good work Tano!!!!!!! I could have driven down at a reasonable hour if you wanted to go to the markets that bad. Should be interesting Tano usually doesn't get out of bed on a Sunday till at least 11am.
We have heaps of rain not sure how much it is very wet and muddy at home.
I'm unable to take pictures as my camera still hasn't been fixed. Hate not having one might have to look into buying a new one any suggestions to which one.
Have to go I'm at work and really shouldn't be updating my blog I have plenty of other work to do. Bye