March 28, 2008

I'm Running Out Of Days

Gallipoli is fast approaching and as usual I’m so very disorganised I have started writing my “things to do lists” last night (even though everyone laughs at my list writing. I like writing them, They do help). The house is buzzing with excitement as NANNY & POPPY arrive Sunday sometime. Then I’m sure Nanny will have me all organised in a couple of days.

Keely goes to camp at Talabudra on Monday wont be back until Friday.

Over Easter we had a wedding in Coffs Harbor it was at a resort and was a really nice night. Jacki looked beautiful. We spent the hole of Easter there, we visited the big Banana, the Pet Porpoise Pool, Raleigh Raceway, ate a lot of prawns, spent time at the doctors with Michael and his GOUT (shouldn't eat seafood) and swam at the beach. Abbey went camping with friends at Bingara.

Work has been very busy I have spent a lot of time on the road traveling visiting carers in remote areas. And I am off again Monday to visit some more.

My Computer is in getting fixed once again so will show photos tommorrow, Hopefully.

March 15, 2008

We Laughed, We Cried, We Walked For Hours, We had No Sleep But Boy! Did We Have Some Fun

The Relay For Life was one of the best events I have ever been involved in. The whole thing was very emotional and there were plenty of tears. The opening lap was for Survivors then every one walk for the first 1/2 hour then it was fun and games until the Candle Light Ceremony. It so beautiful seeing all the candles light up the walking track. Once the candles were all burning there was a minute walking in silence while showing photos of people who have lost their fight with cancer. Then back to the fun and games for the rest of the night. Everyone walked the last 15 minutes I counted 220 people. Pretty darn good for our first relay. QLD cancer told us we wouldn't get more the 8 teams first time, we had 18.

The Survivor's lap....................... Myself and my two girls were the first through the purple arch. (we are wearing orange Abbey & I were both on the committee) Keely is walking behind us.

Abbey Me Heidi Aunty Vicki
and Charlie during the
survivors lap

Keely & Heidi getting ready for the three legged race

Mr Relay Whoops Sorry Miss

Relay 2008

I sold the dresses and pageant question during

the night. received good money for both

Thomas playing blind soccer. The Juniors won over the Senior soccer team.

Idol Relay 2008 Keely is singing but didn't win

We also had a poker run,blanket volley ball,Yoga, a frozen shirt comp (very funny), movies, bed time stories(didn't work), crazy laps, limbo, lots of games for the kids and plenty more.

For a gold coin donation I took anybody who didn't walk around in the golf buggy. There was also a lady who just had a bone marrow transplant that I took around every hour or so.

The Candle Light Ceremony nearly 500 tea light lit up the track.

Thomas was part of the entertainment

I will post more photos soon.


March 6, 2008

Cheeky Brats

How cheeky are these two!! Noah (my god son) and Indy they love the camera. Thought I would share these photos I think there pretty cute.

As excited as I am about the Relay For Life I will be glad to see it over. We have had meetings every night this week there has been so much to do. Our committee is made up off only 5 people, to many jobs not enough help. We have people from Nepal coming to see how the event is run so fingers crossed that everything goes to plan. When this is finished it is time to think about soccer our sign on is next weekend and we are expecting around 350 children to sign up. The next thing on my agenda is the paper work for sign on, so many forms to fill out.

Abbey had her social tonight the theme was the eighties so there was plenty of fluro colours around.As usual Abbey & Amy were all smiles as were Jess Nikki & Jack.

Will blog after the relay hopefully I will have some good photos to share

Bye for now

March 4, 2008

Thought I would share

A layout that I found time to do on the weekend. It didn't take long to do mostly cutting out the stars. I haven't scrapbooked for so long and I just wanted to be able to say that I finished a page. These photos of Thomas were taken last year he is so handsome.

Relay for life is on this weekend. We have been very busy with the final preparations for the event. Should be a fun filled 18 hours. I'm a bit disappointed, I posted out over 60 invitations for the survivors walk and have had only about 12 respond. Hopefully on the day they will just turn up to do the walk. We have 20 teams registered for the event and so much happening through the night to keep everyone entertained. I wont forget my camera there should be plenty of photo opportunities.
Bye for now

March 2, 2008

Strawberry Shake

To Thomas's disgust this is the colour of the feature wall in
the rumpus room. Now the three of them are arguing over what colour to put with it. I didn't intentionally paint it pink I went into town to get either green or a blue and this is what I came home with. Anyway the whole idea is a revamp of the rumpus from a children's play room full of toys to a teenage room.

March 1, 2008

Thomas and his accident

This is what Thomas did to himself last weekend

He went running around a corner, in the dark, at a friend’s house and ran straight into a rope clothes line. After ringing the hospital for a little advice, their reply was “ sorry we have a sick patient and can’t help you but feel free to bring him in tomorrow”. We put some ice on it and covered it. Looking good now after a course of antibiotics and a little attention from the doctor. (Not at the hospital)

Will post again tommorow and let you see my new feature wall Strawberry Shake.