January 30, 2009

Lay Out 3 & 4

I have nearly done the same amount as last year and it is only January can you believe I have done another 2 LO's & that's four for the year already.

Keely sees Tayla once a year a Christmas time they are such great mates

Noah loves to watch Thomas, Keely and Jack ride the bikes around, But he cant wait for them to hop of off them so he can sit on them.

Not sure whats going on with Keely's hair when she was little it was quite red or a carroty color. Heidi was having fun with my camera today and took this photo of Keely with quite alot of the carroty color back in her hair.
Had a very busy week at work Moree Tuesday, back to Moonie on Wednesday Kindy started again it was great to see the kids and Durrinbandi yesterday a 3 hour drive for a short visited & in the office today cleaning, answering phones & paperwork. Hopefully a week in the office next week.
Noah turns three tomorrow so I will have birthday photos to show you all. Abbey & I are home alone tonight the house is very quiet. Lovin it
Have to go and watch the end of the tennis go Rafa
How exciting I have nearly had 5000 views on my blog. 4525 are probably me

January 27, 2009

First Day Last Day

What a day, back to school for all. A few nerves and lots of excitement.

Keely's last first day of primary school (Yr7)

Thomas's first day of high school (Yr8)

Abbey's last first day of high school (Yr12)

And Indy's first day of school with many more to come (prep)

Does that all make sense. They will be leaving home before I know it.
Yesterday was our Wedding Anniversary 18 years of Marriage.
Had brekky in the park and a nice BBQ lunch. I have Australia day photos to share next time.
We had our first soccer meeting tonight wont be long before the season starts.
Have to go, Bye for now.

January 25, 2009

I Don't Get Cranky Very Often

BUT, today when the children got out on their motor bikes we get a visit from these people.
Thanks to our nice neighbour across the road. That's OK the kids aren't doing anything wrong they have helmets long pants, closed in shoes and are on private property. Every second house out here has a motorbike track and no one else has any trouble. It was nice for once to have a Sargent tell us there is nothing they can do as long as we haven't modified the bikes and that we are riding them within the time frames. All the kids are doing is having a little fun. They don't seem to bother us or any of the other neighbours. He is a single man and obviously has nothing better to do then whinge. Sad really

Any way Happy Australia day to you all


January 23, 2009

One Happy Teenage Daughter

Today we got Abbey her own little set of wheels, she calls it the "Beast". It is a little Toyota coralla 4 door hatch. We went for one drive a lot of kangaroo hopping happening. Definitely an experience. She has spent the last twelve months driving an automatic.

Thomas is in the middle of trying on his new high school uniforms so hard to believe he is starting high school. Will show him off to you all on the first day of school.

I have started another LO not finished it yet, it will be number 3 for 2009

Hope you all have a wonerful Australia Day.


January 19, 2009

Another LO & Some Photos

We had a busy weekend a quick photo shoot with Sydney and sort off Jett (he didn't really want to play), BBQ lunch (the best steak sandwiches ever thanks Tano), A "lets put the trampoline together" BBQ & a trip out to Bengalla reserve with the motor bikes while the bobcat did it's work to the new motorbike track in the yard.
So today I will share my LO (no 2) and some photos of Jett & Sydney. I will share some more photos throught the week.

That's it from me

January 16, 2009

My First LO

Today I finished my first LO for 2009. It is one of the many of Pip's packs. One down heaps to go.

It is so hot and we are still without air conditioning it is terrible,and another hot day tomorrow.
The kids are loving the motor bike thing. They ride all day. Keely is getting very confident on her little 80. She was going around all the jumps and bumps but is now going over them all.She has also worked out how to get out of first gear. The noise isn't as bad now.

Thats 2 posts in 2 days and 1 LO for the year.
Talk again soon (I HOPE)

January 15, 2009

This year I am going to...........................

Blog more often, do every month in review, finish all of the packs from Cut & Paste and Scraparoony and hopefully fit into my old clothes again. Mmmmmmmmmmm this will be a challenge for me a rather long list of things to do. But I will do my best to do them all through the year. I have a day off this year so a little more time at home just might help. (I know what your thinking mum). I have started a double LO just need some photos.

Michael & Thomas have been busy making a track for the bikes a few
jumps and bumps to ride over.

More fuel dad.............

Noah loves to watch & sit on the bikes when they are finished vooom vooooom

That's me for now

January 11, 2009

Copeton Dam

On the home way home for Coffs we stopped in at Copeton Dam and spent the night with the Spink family. I have never been there before it was great it had two water slides & and a small pool. The kids had a ball.

Noah loved it all he could say in between laughing was more more.

Noah thought it was funny to drag me around the pool then tip me over into the water. He got very upset if I didn't go under.

And of course Abbey read most of the time. She went on the slide a couple of times. But ended up hitting her head getting a blood nose and giving me a heart attack as when she came out of the pool all I could see was blood.