May 25, 2008

You’ve Gotta Love It……………

When your teenage daughter and your nearly teenage son decide to clean there room. 10 towels, and 2 baskets of clothes later their rooms are sparkling. But no-one can explain were the dirty clothes come from. Are they clean and it’s just easier to put them in the wash then put them away? Or are they really dirty. Solution: Next time you clean your room you wash. We will see how many dirty clothes there are next week. (Not counting on to many I have visions of the laundry basket having clothes in it).

There is never enough time on the weekend!!!! By the time you go down the street Saturday morning the day is nearly over by the time you get home. That’s how it works when soccer is on. I was lucky enough to get a little sleep in on Saturday.

Now that I have had my whinge I feel better. Today we went to the senior soccer at Riddles Oval the Under 16’s played an opener before the seniors started. They had a ball. Then we watched the start of the women’s game. It was great to watch them. When we got home I finished the washing, I will have plenty to fold while Grey’s is on.

I even got a little time to scrapbook. This is one of Pip’s packs

Then I played with Brenda's goody box

I have so many of Pip's packs to do there is about 20-25 of them so I need to get busy and catch up I also have 3 of her monthly goody boxes. I still have allot of the scraparooney pack to play with as well.

Have to go it's that time of the night when everyone is hungry. So bye till next time

May 22, 2008

Sick Children

Managed a day of work yesterday with the children in vomiting mode, and today it was my turn. Got lots done yesterday caught up on the paper work, did the Bas’s cleaned and washed very productive. Today was a different story I slept, watch a little TV and lounged around. Came good late this evening and thought I would have a look at the monthly SCRAPAROONEY kit. So I have started a page but it is not yet finished.

Hope to have it finished tomorrow along with the 2 double layouts I started last week. There is no soccer this weekend they play in St George, we decided not to go. Thomas will play in the game on Sunday before the senior girls play. So I will have a Saturday to sleep in (not likely but sounds good).
Have to go the Footy Show is on we have been waiting to see Wendall Sailor &
Karl Stefanovic from the Today Show have their boxing match.
Untill next time bye

May 18, 2008

A very busy week

It has been so windy here today and last night. Everything was blown around the yard even my outdoor setting. I gave up on trying to peg out the washing today and settled for drying it in the dryer.

What a week I have this week, firstly we did the round trip to see the carers in the Mungindi Thallon area. I finely got to go to kindy in Moonie It was great to see all the kids and listen to how much they missed me. Lucy told me she missed me to the moon and back, and they all argued over were I was going to sit for morning tea and lunch. Every time I sat down someone was on my knee it was quite funny. I didn't realise how much I missed them all till I seen them.

On Tuesday night we went to a cocktail night for the kids that are doing their Responsible Alcohol Service. It was so much fun we had to wear a mask and the drinks were very cheap. We tried quite a few different cocktails they were very yummy.

Soccer has started this Saturday was the second week. The kids are really enjoying it. Once again we had over 320 kids sign on and with the small sided games this year it is running really well.

Haven't had a chance to scrapbook this week but I can't wait to do some I have Monthly packs from Brenda and Pip to do. You can check out their blogs from the side bar.

Keely and I are baking for the Biggest Morning Tea at work tomorrow. We are making some apple slice thingy. I hate baking sweet things I love to cook savory things. While Nanna & Pop were here, Nanna taught Keely how to cook sweet things so now I supervise while she cooks. And to my surprise she even cleans up afterwards.

Now all we have to do is taste it. So I'm of to get the cream.

May 11, 2008

More Photos

Megan's eulogy was done on her great Uncle he fought in the Germans army. The cemetery that we went to had a completely different feel then all the others it so was eerie.

As you walk into the cemetery there was a huge mass grave something like 25,000 Germans buried there. The names of the soldiers all around the wall, with about 8,000 unknown.

Most of the cemetery had just plaques on the ground but every now and then you would see a group of three crosses.

Then there was this memorial "Men Without Face"
And at the back the German Bunkers.

Megan finished her eulogy with this "the Germans like the rest of the allied soldiers had no choice but to fight. They also should be remembered".

Have been doing some scrapbooking today started a few double layouts but haven't finished any of them yet but the day is not over.

Happy mothers day MUM we all miss you already. Keely is telling everyone you have gone home to Victoria and is asking what she is going to do without her nanny around. (she will find plenty to do I'm sure)

Not much else happening bye

May 8, 2008

Nearly Finished Layout 3

I thought I would get a bit of scrapping done instead of going to the show. So I started Saturday morning after a day shopping in Toowoomba (didn't buy anything just some curtains for the rumpus the kids had fun of course) , did a little Sunday in between visitors and a little bit more on Monday and this is what I have come up with. These are some of Pips Cut & Paste packs I have lost count of how many packs I have but I think it's time I started to use them.

May 5, 2008


Brenda is starting a new business and putting together monthly scrapbooking packs. Check out Brenda's blog for a sneak peak of her new venture.

Yes We brought Chocolate Home from Belguim

We did manage to get some of the chocolate home but the fudge never made it anywhere near home it was the best fudge I have ever tasted. We even went back to the shop on a few occasions to buy more to bring home.

Abbey & I, as well as half of the tour have had some sort of belly bug the doctors seem to think that we picked it up in Turkey. So we have had a few days in bed. We are finally feeling better.


What an amazing place it is so beautiful. These photos were taken on the beach just around from Anzac Cove

We arrived at Anzac Cove two days before the Dawn Service and they were still setting up. They had seating for 5,000 people and were expecting 10,000.
We arrived at the Cove at about 9pm on the Thursday night the security was very scary, so many soldiers and police with rather large guns . The police and Army stopped the bus as we were just driving in and read us the do's and don'ts. Then they gave our bus a number and we all had to were a tag with the number on it were everyone could see it. The bus went a few more kilometers up the road and we had to get out and walk the rest of the way. We went through another security check were they went through our backpacks, checked pockets and some were frisked. Up a bit further we were given a wrist band to wear, walked a little further to the ceremony area. We were lucky enough to get seats but if we had been any longer we would have missed out. It was so cold we all layered up Abbey and I had 5 tops on under or jackets and wore long johns and jeans with three pairs of socks. Thank god we had the silver sleeping bags they kept the wind off, but about 4 am it got really cold. Through the night they had people speaking and showed a lot of footage of the war and soldiers involved it was fantastic. The Dawn Service started about 5.30am It was great to be there. After that we walked about 5 kms to reach Lone Pine were the Australian Service was to be held. It was a hard long walk but well worth it. we also had to go through more security checks here. This is the pine that Lone Pine was named after not the original but this is were it was planted

The kids walked around all of the trenches there are so many soldiers buried around Gallipoli Peninsula and so many Memorials.
And lets not forget the POPPIES they grow wild in the fields of Turkey and they look just beautiful
Bye for now