August 31, 2008

What A Weekend, Jammed Packed With Fun

Woooooooooooooohoooooooo Soccer is over for another year. And check out the lovely flowers that the club gave me for my hard work.
Very nice don't you think?

After soccer it was of to the school fete. Thomas made his singing debut with the school band singing "Sweet Home Alabama" he was so nervous but did a wonderful job.

Aunty Barbs Birthday is on Tuesday. So today we SURPRISED her with a special day. We picked her up at 8.30am, blind folded her and drove around town and then out to the airport were a helicopter was waiting to take her on a ride around town. After her ride Michael had to have one as well so that Fathers Day done. Then we went back to our place for a champagne breaky that was also a lunch then nearly a tea. We all had a great day and Barb really enjoyed herself.

She was so surprised to see the helicopter there

Have to go and get tea for the family, they are starting to whinge.

August 29, 2008

They Finally Arrived..............................

What do you think?.....................All the way from China............................I brought them to wear to Pink Lady's Day in Weengallon.............Weengallon is a little rural town about 90 minutes from home....................They have a Pink Lady's Day every year were they raise money for cancer..................There are market stalls and a lovely lunch with some very inspirational speakers.................We are going from work it should be a great day...............Now I'm going to attempt to make a panel skirt to match the shoes............Will let you now how it turns out.
And because I love shoes so much I also had to have these as well and these and these ,a big 2 weeks of shoe shopping.
I think I have done well!!!! Looks like I need another rake for the shoes or maybe I should just wear what I've got & not buy any more...................A new rake sounds good to me!!!!!

August 27, 2008

Haven't Been Feeling Well..................................

I haven't been at work all week, I have been tuck up in bed with this wog. Today was my 1st day out of bed. So I thought I would look through some of my old photos. How fast they grow. This photo of Abbey was her first day a child care, now shes in year 11 and working part time.

How cute is Thomas in this photo, now his chasing girls and starts high school next year.

And Keely always had her dummy in her mouth, wouldn't leave home without it and now shes in year 6 and growing up to fast.

Where does the time go???

So many photos to scrapbook, so many memories just not enough time in the day.

Anyway last day of soccer for 2008 this weekend WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO. I have ordered the trophies, the sausages, the soft drink and whatever else needed ordering. To make the last day a big one. That means I will have the weekends back for now and hopefully some time to scrap.

Hope to be back at work tomorrow hate being sick and staying at home.


August 24, 2008

From Clown To Bikie Chick

This is one of my most favorite days of the year, after my birthday, mothers day and Christmas. We where at the car park at 8.30am looking for bike number 41 of 240 something bikes. Found it nice bike great seat.(you need a great seat)Paul was my rider he is from the Brisbane Chapter.Bikes as far as the eye can see
We all left at 9am and headed out towards Murphy's Creek. We visited Gatton, Laidly, Atkinson Dam and many other small towns before returning to Toowoomba at around 3pm. Morning tea was yummy home made muffins cakes and slices Lunch was also yummy different meats salad and veggies, dessert was 3 different cheese cakes which we had to try a piece of each and some fresh fruit.
Out of the 240 something bikes there were only about 20 that didn't have pillions on them.
Here I am with helmet hair at the end of the day. And with John Helen Paul
It was great to catch up with everyone. This ride was mine and Helen's 5th ride. We caught up with some of the other riders that we have been with. Helen has been with John 3 times she sometimes request to ride with him.
My 1st year I rode with Elvis had a great time, haven't seen him in the last few years.

Peter nicknamed Rowdy as he is deaf. Was great fun he is there every year. And next year he told me I had to ride with him again.

Can't remember his name (Sorry) but his wife also rode so I got to travel on two bikes it was a great trip.
The year before last there were alot of bikes without sissy bars so last year I asked that the bike I would be on had one as some of them didn't enjoy the ride without one.
And this is the bike I got to ride on. My riders name was Bill and his bike was just like being in a car it was to comfortable.
I will post this years photo when I get it.
Have to go I'm dying for a shower and a coffee or maybe a red wine. Bye for now.
Thanks for noticing my blogging splirt Brenda hope I can keep it up.
(7 post in 2 weeks)

August 23, 2008

He Did It

Thomas and Abbey both got home last night from camp. And today Thomas went and got his hair cut like he said he would. Have to go Off to Toowoomba for the "CRUISE FOR CANCER" cant wait this is my 5th year. I love it so much

August 20, 2008

Dress Up Day

Today we got to dress up at Kindy we had heaps of fun Clowning Around with the kids. Not that they would come too close to us they weren't really sure if it was Miss Tracey And Miss Chris under the face paint and clown clothes.

I thought I would share some photos that the kids took of us. Don't you love these photos our legs, nearly all of us, and yes a photo of us.

August 18, 2008

Check This Out

I will see how long it takes before the phone rings.

I Had To Share This Photo with you all. Poppy is looking good in a wig

Cory said and I quote "i have always wondered what poppy would look like with hair" Nasty hey

August 17, 2008

Can you hear that?

It's so quiet in my house at the moment, Thomas has gone to Canberra (year 7 camp) and Abbey has gone to Maroon Dam on a survival trip. So for a whole week I have only Keely at home. That means no dance, no guitar, no tutoring, no sport and no picking anyone up from work. What will I do all week? Well.................. there are the soccer photos and the book work which I haven't touched since 30th of June, I sure there are many more things if I think about it for a while Maybe a little bit if scrap booking if I'm lucky. Keely has lots of plans for the week and has a special menu for tea while they are away. (all the things that the other two won't eat).
Here are a few photos I took before they left.
Keely has had a freind Claudia over this weekend and they have been very busy, Playing Guitar Hero and Sing Star, cooking chocolate cake and biscuits and staying up half the night. Now I just have to clean up the mess, they have cake mix from one side of the kitchen to the other.
I don't have a camera at the moment the kids took them away with them and mine is getting fixed it keeps turning of all the time.
Anyway have to go and do some cleaning and take Claudia home. Bye for now.
Thats three post in one week. WooooooooHoooooooooo

August 11, 2008

Two Posts In One Week!!!

Tonight was our Gallipolli presentation night. It was great listening to all the stories and seeing the footage that was taken. Someone videoed Abbey getting of the bus and hugging Keely Thomas Nanny & Poppy we both had tears running down our checks it was funny.

Listening to every ones favourite part of the trip was great. for me being able to experince this trip with my daughter was just wonderful. It was a magical trip, everyone that went was great.

And this photo.................. there is a story behind it.

We were in a museum in Frommell, it was very small and squashy and Abbey said "Excuse me" to what she thought was a person and it turned out it was one of the dummy soilders. So now its a big joke among the few that were there.

August 10, 2008

So So Very Busy

It's been awhile since I last blogged, but things have been so very busy . Last week we had the Eisteddfod. Thomas played in the State school band the STORM BREAKERS won 1st for Primary Rock Band. He played in the St Mary's rock band GR8 (not sure why when he doesn't attend that school) in the secondary section (they are all primary students) and lost by 1 point (great experience for them), came second in the guitar trio and also played solo guitar. Keely class came 1st in the primary school class poem and played wonderfully in her first piano solo in front of a crowd. Abbey and the dance girls came second in Jazz and Modern losing both by only 1 point to a group that did the same dances as last year. They were very disappointed. We weren't aloud to use the flash so I have no photos.

Work has been so busy with the end of the financial year and I have been spending allot of time doing endless piles of paperwork and travelling around the country side visiting carers.

3 more weeks of the soccer season. The count down is on. I can't wait.We played in Moree today we had a wonderful time and the weather wasn't to bad. We also got to catch up with Shane which was great he loves to see the kids and they love to see him as well.

Tomorrow night we have the presentation night for the Gallipolli tour it should be fun catching up with everyone and seeing their photos.

I haven't scrap booked for so long, hopefully once soccer finishes i will have a little more time to myself.

Bye for now