June 28, 2008

So pleased it's holiday time

No Soccer, no basket ball, no piano, no guitar, no soccer training, no dancing, no tutoring home early all week and tea cooked at a reasonable time “I LOVE HOLIDAYS”.

Thomas finely got his new electric guitar, it didn’t take him long to save his ½ of the money. The school band is great and they are starting to sound really good.

The Show Time Concert was on this week all proceeds going to the Canberra trip. They danced, sang and the band played it was an excellent night they are a really talented bunch of children at the state school

Keely got to dance and sing as well.

We had a girls day today. We went to Jacki’s hair salon (RenRut) in Warialda for cuts and colours Keely missed out on the colour and Abbey had her very first colour (I’m sure it wont be her last). She has done well to wait this long I can remember us putting the three shades lighter dyes through our hair at school and then complaining about having orange hair. The things we did! but boy we had fun.

Plan on (TRYING) to post more then once a week. And are hoping to do some scarping tomorrow. So hopfully I will have a LO to share.

I think I have fixed the comment problem so please try again to leave comments
Untill next time Bye

June 22, 2008

Two Really Amazing Women

It's so hard to believe that Jane McGrath has past away. How sad is it to see here fight with cancer end. She truly is amazing, and so is Belinda Emmet. Their public fight with breast cancer has helped so many people. Me being one of them. As did Belinda I tried some of the natural remedies she tried in conjunction with the normal treatments Chemo Radiation Tomoxafin and a few other things, they are truly inspurational. So while I sit at the computer with a tear in my eye my heart goes out to their families. And remember you don't have to be over any certain age for this to happen to you, Belinda proved this. Cancer doesn't discriminate

On a brighter note
Thomas played the grand final yesterday of basketball they lost by 1 point but were lucky enough to get a lovely trophy and a medallion.

Keely was very surprised to see a mini piano turn up on the back of dads ute over the weekend. The only problem was how were we going to get it down. It was so heavy. But we borrowed a fork lift and got it into the rumpus room.

So now I have a guitar strumming in one ear and a piano playing in the other. A set of ear plugs might come in handy.
With so much soccer paperwork I had no time for scrapbooking this weekend but we did make a birthday card for Jess



June 15, 2008

A Sad Moment

Friday we said goodbye to our Suzuki. The long weekend was our last road trip together. We have had the Suzuki for 4 1/2 years and it has been a great car. We replaced the Suzuki with another 7 seater (there is always extras at home), a Holden Captiva not sure about the colour, It's Black (even though it looks like a purply blue colour in the pictures) and its diesel. The kids love it.

A little scrapbooking, one of Pip's many packs that I have.

June 12, 2008


Our three day weekend was not something we would not usually do. We had no phone service, no computers or internet & minimal TV watching. Keely missed the TV, Abbey & Thomas were fretting as they had no phone reception & couldn’t talk to anyone on MSN. But they all made new friends Keely met Missy & Scruffy, Abbey met Fred (sitting on here knee) and Thomas loved all of the 17 horses that were running around the property.

The track in & out was a bit iffy and I think I drove part of it with my eyes closed specially when going over the bridges (if that’s what I can call it). The scenery was beautiful, we all enjoyed driving, walking & exploring through the valleys & around the paddocks.

We ate breaky on the verandah both mornings it was very peaceful and the children really enjoyed it. They went mushrooming both days and we cooked them for breakfast.

Abbey drove to Stanthorpe on the Saturday and passed a car & caravan. She was so pleased with herself. I wasn’t to impressed I was squashed in the back with the two littlies.

And on the way home I got to visit Kerry, who I haven't seen for ages. Hello Kerry miss you.

June 1, 2008

It's Been A While

I have had a very busy week this week. Monday was work and then training with the department that night. Tuesday was also work, and then I drove to Brisbane. Wednesday I sat at the PA hospital for hours on end because they could not find my chart then they told me to go home and they would ring me to come back that afternoon. Don’t they realise how far away we live? I have to go back in a couple of weeks again, I hate going to the PA I get lost every time. They have lines on the floor in different colour that you have to follow and I still can’t find where I have to go. Thursday and Friday were work as usual Saturday was soccer and today I washed then scrapbooked all day with aunty Barb. Aunty Barb had a good day with one double page one single page and another double page not quite finished. I on the other hand only got one double done. Most of the day was spent cutting out the pattern paper, picking up and dropping of the children to where they had to go and supervising Keely cooking (thanks mum).
These are Barbs LO

This is my LO

a bit closer will but a better photo up later

The photos aren't the best there is something wrong with the camera.
Talking of scrapbooking go over and have a look at Jodi’s blog and check out her layouts they are great. She has been very busy.