September 30, 2009

Stay Tuned

I’ve been scrap booking

Yep that’s right I’ve been scrap booking

I can’t believe it either

September 27, 2009

Suzie Rocked, Finally My Car is Back, Happy Birthday To Me & Another Dust Storm

Suzie was fantastic. We had drinks in our room then went to the Bourke & Wills for tea & more drinks before heading to see Suzie. It was great she came out in jeans and a top then went and changed into her leathers. She looked great and sang all the great song and some. Definitely would go and see her again if I had the chance.

After 7 weeks I fianlly have my car back. I'm so sick of driving Abbey's car it is so nice to be able to drive mine again I missed it so much.

Another birthday goes by. Lots of new Pandora and a watch. Will share the Pandora and watch next post. We went for lunch and cake it was lovely.

Spent most of Friday cleaning my house from the last dust storm. I mopped twice, rewashed everything, wiped all of the shelves and frames ect............... then another dust storm came through it wasn't so red this time. Everything needs cleaning again though. The car also needs a bath.

Evermore played at the B & S last night they were great you could hear them
from home. The police were on every corner this morning Breath teasting everyone. We got pulled up in Michaels ute the rego sticker was an old one but the nice policeman let me off after explaining that there is 153 good reasons to put the new sticker on. It is on now and I can think of 153 thing I could buy with 153 dollars instead of paying a fine.
It's time for bed Goodnight All..................

September 19, 2009

We Are Off To Toowoomba Tomorrow

Devil Gate Drive,
48 Crash,
Can the Can,
If You Can't Give Me Love,
The Wild One,
Stumblin In

The list goes on.

Yes tomorrow at 12pm we leave for a girls night out with Suzie Q.
I can't wait Good Company, A Few Drinks (then maybe a few more), Dinner Out and then Partying With The Great Suzie Q

Still haven't got my car back yet hopefully soon I am so sick of driving the red car. Thomas has his football presentation night tonight. Michael is finally working after having 7 weeks off. He still isn't 100% but hopefully being back at work will help.

Haven't had a chance to use any of my packs. The girls scrapbooked last weekend and made these little books they turned out well. Will put pictures of them up later.

Have to go bye

September 11, 2009

I just found the card with the Tassie photos on it so now a photo share

Tassie was so much fun. I haven't many work photos but plenty of the fun photos

Port Arthur was great we did the ghost tour one night then went back during the day for the day tours I have been there before but just love looking around and listening to the old convict & ghost stories.

This photo is at the conference with the Tassie Tiger.

Rickielee's favourite "the snow" I know it's a sad excuse for our Mr & Mrs snow man but we had fun making it and then squashing it.

The Fairy penguins were so cute but it was so cold down on the beach waiting for them to come up.

Then there were 3 of these little fellows who opened the door and let us into their world. They were so cute and just followed us around the room

Here is what was in my parcels from Scrap with V Looks like I'm going to be busy this weekend.

Just love these 2 photos one of Keely and the other of Noah

Barb has a new family member Afaf, named Afaf because when she barks that what it sounds like.

Better go and get dinner

September 9, 2009

Today was playgroup in the town park. We get to dress up and do craft with the kids. Most of them were scared of us until they were told who we were or they worked it out themselves.

Tanya & John got married on the weekend. It was a great night, the kids looked gorgeous

Abbey did a reading

Tanya Finally has a piece of paper just like Michael (that's another story)

No Longer the Spink Knight Family Just the Spink Family now

The happy couple

Not much else happening a rather large parcel arrived form Scrap With V can't wait to get into it lots of layouts to do.

Have to go bye for now