November 30, 2008

A weekend away

Michael rang early Saturday morning for me to meet him in Moree for the weekend. So I shipped off Abbey to her party early and Keely to hers. Thomas came with me to Moree. We got there at lunch time. Michael got a cabin at the Gwydir Caravan Park.
While I spent the afternoon in the Laundry washing and drying Michael's clothes. Michael and Thomas spent time relaxing in the Artesian Thermal Pools.

We walked down to the Amaroo Tavern for tea, had a very nice meal. I went swimming Sunday morning it was lovely the water was 36 degrees. I had a lovely time and even got to do a bit of shopping. Michael spent up well.

Have to tell you this story! Thomas got his hand plastered on the 20th November with a full cask,on the 24th he decided that he didn't need it on anymore because it was annoying him so he took it off. So after a little yelling and screaming from me we had to return to the doctor (who wasn't impressed) to get it re plastered. He now has a fibreglass cask that won't come of in a hurry. This one is on until the 27th of December. (HOPEFULLY)

anyway have to go

November 20, 2008

It's Stormy & Wet & Still Raining

Thomas and Keely had a ball at 6.00am riding through the water at the front of the house.
As did Noah and India at their place across the road this afternoon.
No idea when it is going to stop some of the roads are only open to 4WDs. Hope to get to Toowoomba on Tuesday. I will be very upset if I don't.
Thomas had his cast removed today for x-raying and re plastering. They is still some bruising on his had and he said it was sore once they took it off.
So that is his look until after Christmas. How much fun is he going to have at the beach this year?????
That's it for now there is a storm outside time to turn of the computer and pull out the cord.
Bye for now.

November 19, 2008

It's Still Raining

It started raining again this afternoon after a very steamy day. It has been raining quite heavy. I took these photos about 5pm.

The water is starting to cover the driveway and the bottom of the house pad is starting to look like a waterhole. Maybe Barb was right maybe we will have 4 inches. Gav seems to think we are going to have 7 inches all I know is that it is very wet already. Hopefully I will have some nice green grass when the sun decides to shine. Fingers crossed wouldn't that be nice.

November 18, 2008

It's Raining

It's been showering rain since yesterday, It rained most of the last night as well as today. It has also been a little cold, had to put the winter pj's on. The rain is meant to hang around for a few days. As usual we have plenty of water lying around.

It's great being home early, I'm not at all missing Thomas's extracurricular activities. It's so nice to have tea cooked by 6.30-7.00 instead of 7.30-8.00. They have even been making it to bed on time.

Abbey starts her exams next week. She has been trying really hard to get into the year 12 grad (with no success) , I am working in the bar and the money goes towards the next Gallipoli tour in 2010 (wish I was going again).

I put a new version of Quick Books on my computer last night. It took me ages to find my way around it. I think I should have stuck to the old version. Luckily today I received QB for Dummies (some promotion) it might help me a little it is so different to the version I used to have.

Have to go it's that time of night.

November 15, 2008

Guess Were I Ended Up On Thursday?????

You will never Guess But I will give you a hint..........................................I'm sure family service will be knocking on my door soon hopefully that's it for now 3 thing in a few months

And I bet you can't guess which child it is!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right it was my accident prone Thomas...........................................
.........after seeing a lovely photo of the break, it was plastered, well 1/2 plastered. Next week we have more x-rays and then hopefully a full plaster. He was at a friends place when it happened. How you ask, break dancing spinning on his head and the landing wasn't what he wanted. They put ice on it and it was fine (so they thought) the next morning his hand looked like a rubber glove that was blown up and a nice shade of black. Vicki took him to the hospital until I could get there. A bad day for me with work the departments were here from Brisbane and Toowoomba and we were also catering for 20 people for the day. I got there just in time to have the doctor break the news that it was broken. They took him out the back were he was really brave while they straightened his fingers and set the plaster. Thomas eyes were dry but mine were very wet. Such a sook.

Thomas was meant to have his High School interview Thursday afternoon, but that didn't happen. It also means no guitar lessons, no basketball, no band practice and no work for a while. (I will be home early every night and tea will be ready earlier how cool is that)

We had a really mad week at work so glad it's the weekend. I decide to clean out the kitchen cupboards and the linen cupboards yesterday and today. (How silly was that) Tomorrow we have the dance concert Wooohoooooo dance is then over until next year. Christmas is coming around quite quickly soon all the TV shows will be finishing and we will be able to put up the Christmas tree. Can't wait for turkey lunch.

Have to go we are having pizza for tea. Michael is away working now for how long who knows.


November 10, 2008

Keely's Excited

Keely pick her first cherry tomato off her plant tonight. There are quite a few nearly ready to pick. And doesn't it look delicious, I wonder who will eat it? She waters her veggies every morning before school and again when she gets home.
What an wonderful episode of Domestic Bliss, it's so good to see so many people pull together and do something so wonderful for one family. Keely brought over tissues all through the episode I think I had tears in my eyes for most of it. And how Special was it for they did up the manaro for dad. What a wonderful family full of so much love and support I wish them all the best in the future.

November 7, 2008

Home Alone................................

Well nearly alone Abbey is home for a little while, she is baby sitting tonight and sleeping over. Thomas turned 13 today finely a teenager. Keely & Thomas have left to go to Charleville. Michael is carting grain and I'm about to do some house work. So there isn't much happening at the moment, the house is very quiet.


November 3, 2008


Keely has just her birthday and Thomas's isn't far away. Thomas wont be home for his birthday as him and Keely are going to Charliville for Band Camp (nothing at all to do with American pie Kurt) anyway their birthday presents arrived on Friday.

They both got Street Cubes Mics and stands. So Sunday night and tonight have been very loud in the house. This is Thomas's, Keely's is black.

Keely and Abbey really enjoyed MJ night on Idol, they sang on the mics to all the songs as well as the adds (God only knows what the neighbours thought). They clicked their fingers and wiggled their hips, They were back up singers for Luke when his sang his song.

The photos aren't great still using an old camera, anyway have to go bye for now.

November 2, 2008

I HAVE BEEN BUSY..................................

I had a weekend with a difference this weekend. No kids...............never happens. They all had sleepovers at friends places. The house was very quiet.
This gave me some time up my sleeve to do this.....................

and this................................................................................

and this......................................................................................

and this with the leftovers.........................................................................

They are all packs from Cut & Paste

This is the new addition to the driveway that I have spoken about Michael is very excited to have brought a brand new truck. He has always brought brand new second hand trucks

It has everything in it from Microwave to TV with a DVD, Toaster, Kettle, refrigerated air conditioner and lots of switches that do "Who knows" Did I mention the surround sound.

Yes that's me in the truck going out to load. You gotta love harvest time. I think this is the first time I've been in the truck for 5 or 6 years. Michael was happy I did a load yesterday (bored because I couldn't handle the no noise thing in the house) & again today. Now I don't have to go again for another 5 years or until I'm bored because the kids aren't home.
Some photos to prove that I was in the paddock for those who don't believe me "MUM".



Happy Birthday Aunty Dianne

Have to go the kids are all home now. Bye