August 22, 2009

They Say Things Happen In 3's

It's been over a month since I last blogged. So much has happened in this month.

Shane was diagnosed at the age of 3 with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy . Shane life expectancy was 13 He was in a wheel chair by the age of 7

Shane passed away after spending 3 days in ICU in Tamworth. Tamworth Hospital was great the staff their were fantastic. Shane went into hospital in Moree on the 23/07/09 he was air lifted to Tamworth the next day, he passed away on the 26/07/09 at the age of 21 . He was put to rest in Moree on the 31/07/09. It was a huge funeral with so many wonderful stories being told by so many people. Shane was escorted by the police for one more trip down the main st of Moree, where there were a few people lining the street. Everyone new Shane, he spent a lot of time in the main street talking to people.

He lived life to the fullest and had great plans to change the world. He did so much in his short life. He travelled overseas, went to the State of Origin games, Loved the Bronco’s and met so many of them, had great friends that would do anything for him, annoyed the owner of Manly Essentials to move as his shop as it was not accessible to wheel chairs( and he is moving into another shop), told tales of how he was injured playing football and that was why he was in a wheelchair & loved his family so much. His brother and step brothers and sisters were so loved by him, he text them all the time, but the love of his life was his mother. Cherrie looked after him 24/7 most of the time by herself. She feed, bathed, rolled him at night and was his arms and legs for everything.

We all miss him so much

Also while were we in Tamworth this happened no one was hurt. They were so lucky Michael seen the other car out of the corner of his eye and was able to swerve. The other person went through a stop sign out the front of the hospital, Michael said he didn’t even slow down. It’s in Tamworth getting fixed

While we were in Moree the week before the funeral Keely got high temps 39.5 and we couldn’t get them down. Panadol, Showers, Nurofen nothing worked so it was up to the hospital we went. After having to eat 2 hydrating icy poles and a Swine flu test we went back to the Motel. Anyway cut a long story short. Everyone except Abbey ended up with the SWINE FLU. We were quarantined for a week. Michael was the worst and made several visits to the doctors.

Today I am of to Toowoomba for the Cruise For Cancer tomorrow really looking forward to it.

By the way we stopped in a Gunnedah on the way over to Tamworth I kept my eyes open, thought I might have seen some fellow bloggers. We had coffee at Macca’s, It’s a nice town never been there before.