May 17, 2009

Happy 21st

Shane turned 21 on Friday he we had a party last night. It was a great night.

Can't talk have to go, We are leaving soon and I still haven't packed.

See you when I get back from Tassie

May 16, 2009

"Friday" The Deb

The Deb was great we had a fantastic night. Everyone looked lovely including the boys. Abbey was so happy with her hair and makeup. And she look so beautiful when she was presented. Her partner Matt is a lovely boy, so very funny and very polite.
Wayne took some lovely photos which we have already and I can't wait to see the rest of them.
Have to go off to Moree for the 21st

May 10, 2009

It's great to be out of bed

Today is the first day I have been out of bed (except doctor visits) since Wednesday. I don't remember ever feeling so sick. We had such a great time in Sydney, (Didn't win the Nationals but State is such a great achievement) But I brought home a nice wog. Headaches,temps, body aches even my teeth were hurting.

Anyway I have heaps of photos to share and not enough time to share them now. Tassie is only a few days away. Abbey is going on camp at 5.30am in the morning they are going to see the Buddy Holly Story (I want to go to). A very busy weekend approaching, Abbey is doing her Deb Friday night, Shane turns 21 (omg) Saturday and Sunday we Start our road trip to Tassie.

Thats all I have time for
Goodnight hope you all had a great mothers day