July 1, 2009

It's a long time between blog posts ............

Things are so busy at the moment some days I'm not sure whether I am coming or going!!!!

Tassie was fantastic we had a great time the conference was very informative and our few day there were great. We seen so much and ate so much the food was delicious I don't think I have ever eaten so much in my life. I had salmon most nights as well as oysters and this yummy pasta with chorizo sausage in it, so yummy. We seen the snow, done the Port Author tours including the ghost tour, seen the fairy penguins, the Tassie devils, ate plenty of Federation Chocolate and truffles, went to Beaconsfield, seen Sea horse world and Platypus world and so much more.

It's been hard to get time on the computer Abbey has had so many assignments to do and she was up to all hours doing them. (Year 12 sucks so much work to do). Thomas also was fighting for a few hours of computer time.

The last State of Origin was a fab night we had 22 adults and children visiting. It was a very loud night having both QLD & NSW supporters yelling and screaming. We decided to have a pie night (Love the pie maker everyone should have one) 42 Chunky Beef, Chicken, good old mince and apple and custard pies were made. Abbey took orders, Keely cut the pastry while I did the rest.

Work has been very busy, we are redoing policy and procedure books and all of the handbooks. Abbey is coming in next week to do the photo coping (YES....... I hate that Job).

I'm heading to Tweed Heads to start a Drug Trail on the 17th of this months it is a five year trail. I have given all the information to my doctor just waiting to here what he thinks before I start. My specialist doctor has moved from Toowoomba to Tweed and the new doctor want do trails (Very Sad). Anyway Helen is coming with me she is also going on the trail. Just not real sure how it will all work.

I received my CRUISE FOR CANCER tickets this week can't wait for August Nicole is also coming this year can't wait to see her I miss her so much. This is Helen and my 6th year of doing the cruise and it is so much fun.

Well post photos on the weekend (Hopefully)
Have to go and finish my book