December 10, 2009


Last night Keely Graduated from Primary School and today was her last day at School. So High School is looking good and she is very excited about going there. She has a big few days coming up. Tonight the girls are all having a sleep over then tomorrow they go out to lunch, then Saturday is the Grad party at the pool. (I think the kids these days have a better social life then I have ever had well my kids do anyway).
The girls had there 18th last weekend we all had a great time they got lots of lovely presents (I will share pictures later) but I really wanted to show you this photo.
How excited do they look. OMG it's Ironing Boards!!! What do you do with them....It is going to be interesting. Lindsay thought surfing Abbey thought they would make a nice coffee table. I can see they will never get used as anything. But they all had a great laugh and the boys that gave them to the girls thought it was the best present ever.
Now getting back to the question above.
Don't they say "your only as old as you feel?"
If that's true I'm not as old as I thought.
By the way Amy has been accepted into the Air Force in January
Goodnight to you all