November 23, 2009

From This.......Toooooooooooo

First there was Kindy were they all first met

Their First day of High School

Now Graduation

Were to next

Abbey is hoping to get a gap year job and then off to uni for a Bachelor of Art & A Bachelor of Education. Amy is hoping to do a gap year in the Air Force, she has had several interviews.

After hours at the hair dressers getting hairdo's and makeup, everyone looked gorgeous. It was so hot that the girls makeup was running and there hairdo's were just flopping, but that didn't stop them from having the time of their lives.

Grad was great they was lots of singing, dancing, tears, laughter and a little bit of partying. About 30 kids came back home at 12.30am to our place we all had a great night and didn't get to bed until 6.00am this morning.

All of the kids wrote letters to their parents and gave them to us to read. They were all beautiful and that started the tears for the adults.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Wow I have finally graduated!!
There is not enough time in the world to say thank you for all you have done for me! For the past 17 years you have both been there for me, supporting me through think and thin, and I would not be the person I am without you. I look back at what you have done for me and I am so grateful, even if I don't tell you enough. Your love and care over the last 2 years especially will not be forgotten. As I look forward into my future I can't help but think you are both the reason I can do what I want.

Love you forever and a day xx

Just wait my eyes have gone a little blurry again, we are both are so very proud of what you have achieved. We love you so much and always will xx
We also had 30 young Graduates come out home at 12.30am for an after party and I am very pleased to say what a great bunch of kids you all are. But I would have liked a little more sleep then what I got. I usually like to be in bed before 6.00am.



Veronica said...

what a beautiful letter you both are great parents and are doing agreat job with all three love mumxx

Jackie / Kate said...

OMG Tracey.... they grow up soooo fast don't they - pretty scary really !!