January 25, 2010

Since my last post

I have had a hospital stay, Abbey turned 18 (on her real birth date), had 3 weeks off work (not by choice), visited Coffs for Christmas and New Year, Abbey is working, Thomas & Keely are ready for school, I'm back at work & tomorrow I have been married 19 years .

I spent a 4 days in hospital with a sore shoulder not sure what was wrong. I got out on the day of Abbey's 18th (I shore wasn't going to miss that). Can't remember much of it didn't even have a drink, just lots of pain killers.

Coffs was great the weather was cooler then here. We did catch a tummy bug but quickly got over that. Christmas was great and Santa was very generous. Just like every other year, we visited the raceway and the Big Banana. And went to the beach for a whole 20 mins.

I can't believe that Keely is starting High School. Keely is very ready and excited to start. Me well I'm not sure about the whole high school thing. We went to get the uniforms, she tried them all on, then I told her to take them off and that we would buy them another day. I just wasn't ready to see my baby in a high school uniform.

Abbey's Uni offer came out a week or so ago she was very happy to get into the Uni she wanted. She has now deferred for a year. Very happy about that.

And Tom well he is still the same old Tom. Just goes with the flow. But I have noticed lately that he has manageD to tie his dad around his little finger. Tom been getting his way quiet alot lately.

And yes Keely has her uniform and is all ready to start the next chapter of her life at high school.

That's it's from me

Goodnight all

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