March 12, 2010

It's Been Awhile

We are so busy at work, Quality Assurance is just around the corner. Always a busy time.
We made a quick trip to Colac in Victoria as my Nan past away. It was great to catch up with the family and a few friends. It just wasn't long enough and it is such a long drive (16 hours). Didn't get to catch up with everyone though but hopefully next time we will.
I have found a few old school mates on Face Book Gotta Love FB.
Abbey is finally booked in to get her P's (Has to wait a little while) I can't believe it either.
Keely is loving high school and playing heaps of sport.
Thomas is hardly every home on the weekends he is always with his mates.
Abbey is loving being 18 and enjoying her Friday and Saturday nights out. I'm not sure if I'm enjoying her nights out specially driving into town around 1.30am to pick her up, but at least I now were she is so I am not going to complain.
Keely had her first High School Social last night. Aunty Barb turned one of my old costumes into a Go Go Girl costume for Keely she had the best time. She wasn't very happy this morning though when she had to get out of bed to go to school and there was a lot of complaining about sore feet.

And everyone loves the nut bush.




And then there are these disturbing photos of my son, Yep that's my son Thomas. After many arguments with his father over which dress to wear, Abbey and I decided that this was the one that looked the most flattering on him.

He has beautiful skin and didn't need a lot of make up but the pink lipstick suited him perfectly.

Now we are all hoping that he will grow out off the need to dress up as a girl.

He made a beautiful girl for the social but I don't think it will happen again, he didn't enjoy having his hair straightened, make up on or even the little heal on his shoes he complained about the hair spray and hated the hair band.

They have no idea what it's like to be one of us.


Jackie / Kate said...

Hope you are o.k. haven't heard from you in a while.. by the way I have left a blog award for you on my blog...check it out when you have time cheers Jackie x

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